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The DIY Termite Control Podcast Ep# 1 – The Basics

This is a recording of our first podcast and addresses some of the many questions that Ion gets asked. Here are some of the highlights: 02:10 The 2 major termites in Australia and where they are found. 07:30 How to get the termites you have found identified 08:30 Why...

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Stories we love to hear!

The Termite Trap system now protects thousands of Aussie homes all 'round the country, and we always love to hear great reports from happy customers. Just a couple of days ago, our customer service superstar Caroline phoned me to say that she'd helped a lady who was...

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Killing Termites By Killing the Queen

We recently received this excellent review from builder of 30 years Tony Marshall of  True North Design Co. Here's what Tony said about using Termite Traps (our emphasis added): "Kill the Queen. I have been a building designer and builder for 30 years. All manner of...

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Colonies In Collision

Colonies In Collision

The inventor of TermiTraps and Tuckerbag Termite bait has just published a major history book on the Termite Wars since 1788. That’s when white colonists arrived in Sydney Cove and were met by termite colonies, pleased about all the timber these humans started using...

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Thousands of Aussie homeowners have used this free PDF and learnt government approved DIY techniques to kill termites. Deadly to termites, safe to humans, pets & wildlife.  

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