There are a few soldier termites in the group but none of them shows the jaws clearly, however I’m pretty confident they are the Schedorhinotermes group which are found almost everywhere in Australia (except Tassie).Termite Identification-Schedorhinotermes Spp.

The bad news is, this lot eat about 2-3 times more bait to kill the colony than the other main pest species so you just have to keep the tucker up to them until they stop…eventually. They are also quite easily disturbed and can leave the area of disturbance for days, weeks or months.

All this means is that you’ll need to be careful to open and quickly re-close the feeding sites without leaving the area exposed to light for more than a minute or so. And, because they need feeding more often and over a longer period, you have more opportunity to scare them off. It can’t be helped. Just do the best you can to keep them fed with termite bait — and in the dark