The Counter Logic of White Ant Control - Termite Trap

Another interesting email conversation about white ants. Here is how it goes…

Hi Ion,

Thanks for the advice.

The baits worked brilliantly.

My mother had twice called in the poison termite experts.
However, the white ants came back within weeks and more damage occurred.

I’ll be honest I had considerable doubts your system would work.
It seemed counter logic leaving the white ants to carry on eating undisturbed for weeks.

It took almost two months until no more bait was being taken, but there were no extra damage- white ants focussed on the bait. I re-filled the bait bags four times before they stopped.

I have now repaired the damage and checked out the rest of the roof – not one white ant in sight – a great relief for my mother.

If you would like a reference I’d be happy to write one,



Thank you, Graham.

It’s thoughtful of you to take the time to send us your email saying how well our system worked. It will do as a testimonial as it stands. Thank you.

We get emails like yours suggesting that initial doubts or ‘too good to be true’ were the default starting point, but your phrase “counter logic’ is new and I will see how I can work it into our website somewhere appropriate. Others must feel the same.

In this day of instant gratification, it’s hard to get people to understand that a couple of months of waiting for a proven baiting technique to work is preferable to slam-bam-stop-it-right-now which may not kill the colony, just a few thousand replaceable workers.

The way you describe how there was no extra damage, you used four bags of bait, there are now no termites, the damage has been repaired and Mum is happy — you’d think everyone was following the script!

Best wishes