Colony Killer Termite Bait

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Registered for homeowner use by the ‘Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority’ (APVMA) in Canberra

Deadly to termites but 100% non toxic to you, your family and pets.

Enough in a carton to kill a large colony or a couple of smaller colonies.

6 Colony Killer Termite Bait Pouches

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Colony Killer Termite Bait is the killing part of the Termite Trap Complete Termite System.

Here’s an overview:
Pouches are ready to use… no mixing or mucking about…just add water
Instructions are included and we are here if you’re not too sure.

  • Worker termites take the bait back to the nest, killing the nest, removing the threat.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients that are deadly to the lifecycle of the termites, but won’t harm you, your family, your pets or the environment.
  • Created by an Aussie entomologist and former pest technician for Australian species and conditions.
  • 100% Australian Made & Owned
  • Proven by thousands of Aussie homeowners.

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Additional information

Weight1.25 kg
Dimensions28 × 12 × 25 cm

6 reviews for Colony Killer Termite Bait

  1. Mick Quinn

    Hi Ion, Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you with my story. About June last year I bought your monitors and baits. I involved a grandson to help with monitoring etc He loved checking the traps every time he was over. About 4 months later low and behold one of the monitors hole was closed over. I couldn’t believe it. I started to bait and after 6 tubs the little bastards decided they had had enough. I’m still checking them every 3 weeks but no further action from them.. So I don’t know how to thank you enough but I have been spreading the gospel according to Ion with a few friends buying your products. I will continue with this venture. Thanks again..
    Mick Quinn

  2. Matt & Ingrid

    What a great product! I’ve eliminated several termite nests from around my shed and house. The baits are simple to use and effective. I had termites right up in the ceiling of my kitchen and within a few weeks of the munching their way through 2 pots of bait, they disappeared and haven’t been back! Similar story in my shed. Thank you!
    Matt & Ingrid, NSW

  3. Peter

    After much research, we purchased the Termite Trap Colony Killing System, and we were impressed with the price, delivery and post-sales service and help from the Termite Trap guys. We received our order rapidly with everything we needed to set up our termite surveillance system. We had recently found and removed a termite infestation in our home and were keen to reduce the threat of other attacks. The system is easy to setup and monitor and we haven’t had any attacks on the monitoring stations yet. We did find some internal signs of some termites just as we set up our system, and with some friendly, easy and comprehensive advice from Ion, we were able to bait the termites we had found, as well as inspect the area for other points of attack. We believe we have now successfully baited and killed this further attack with the bait included in the kit – with no evidence of any damage to the house. We now have much more piece of mind that we are proactively monitoring the perimeter of our house with the monitoring stations, and are confident of baiting any future infestations if and as they arise. Cheers!

  4. Roger Fuller

    I would like to express my delight at the success I have experienced with your product. There are a lot of termites in our area and I had had the house treated twice in 5 years to be on the safe side. I came across information about your product and decided to give it a try. I installed termite traps around my property and confess to not inspecting them as often as I should. When I did, I discovered to my horror that quite a few were active. The termites seemed to have a voracious appetite for the bait . In one instance I found their tracks in some discarded wood and pouched some of the growth inhibitor on top of it. It was eaten in a week! I now can’t find a termite anywhere! They had been in my firewood and it was covered in their mud tracks but they have all disappeared. All the replenished traps are now inactive and have been for months. It is truly amazing. A short while ago I could have found them under nearly any piece of wood. Congratulations on a great product! Kind regards and many thanks.
    Roger Fuller from NSW

  5. Doug and Pam

    Being on the land, I’ve had a bit of experience with termites and also with professional pest controllers who in the main have been decent, well trained blokes. But when it comes to the cost of treatment, your TermiteTrap system is so cost effective compared to professional pest controllers. Your information pack and your website made it seem easy to do the whole thing myself. But the reason I’m writing this is, when I phoned, you both took the time to explain in simple language the non-toxicity of the treatment and how to check and treat some of the big old gum trees near the buildings. I really appreciate the quality and the simplicity of the Traps and bait and feel very confident and understand why you say… “Paying more money doesn’t kill termites any deader than dead” In appreciation, Doug and Pam
    Doug and Pam from QLD

  6. Doug Pridham Qld

    Good morning thanks for a great easy to use system l have removed 3 nests and have had no more action in boxes for a while so thank you. Doug

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