A couple of hours ago I was leaning on a supermarket trolley watching my wife choose soups on shelves from ankle high to tip-toe reach.

Ahead of me, the wall of milk was longer than a cricket pitch and I briefly thought about that TV ad where a bloke walks into a convenience store and asks for milk that looks and tastes like real milk

This got me thinking about the myriad choices we have and the way we go about choosing, Soup, milk, T-shirts, shoes, etc., are personal choices; we buy what we prefer — and have the right to change that choice next time.

The next aisle was the pet food.

Cats facing dogs for the full length. Aha, who was influencing this choice? Were humans making the choice based on their own preferences such as smell (or maybe lack of it) size of the bite matched to the size of Fido’s or Felix’s mouth (pet’s choice) or, maybe a recommendation from a friend with a similar sized pet? So many factors to consider but hey, if Fido doesn’t like it then Fido becomes the final arbiter.

A bit like termites really.

The monitor you choose probably should be the one the termites prefer. The one to buy is the one termites are most likely to find and inhabit — before they find a way into your home.

Every house that has ever been attacked was entered by a scouting termite that came up out of the ground to find the wood inside. That’s why I decided to design my Traps to go up above ground level where the scouts go “looking.” (Being blind is no barrier to bingeing on floorboards).

I made prototype on-ground boxes, tested them against the usual monitors buried in the soil and repeatedly found all the on-ground ones were found and attacked before any of the in-ground stations. Yes, in ground stations were eventually attacked and yes they’ve been the standard for the last almost 20 years… because they work.

Here’s your choice…

If the in-ground stations have stood the test of time and are effective, and the on-ground stations are even more effective, why wouldn’t you let yourself be influenced by the choice the termites make?

I’ll bet you notice if your pet begrudgingly eats its food — or wolfs it down. Fido’s choice becomes yours.

If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on defending your home over the next decade or so, just maybe you should choose the Trap the termites choose.

The Termite Bloke