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Good Afternoon Ion,

I have deployed a Termitrap and the termites are feeding nicely.

I installed the second Tuckerbag 2 days a go.

I stopped using Pest Control people years ago, when the guy I was using (who was very good) went back to NZ.

Dealing with people who had no idea what they were doing and thought a pest inspection was a 10 minute job, after which they filled out a form denying all responsibility for everything and asking for $200 was a sad joke. This forced me to do my own research on termites. Problem is I would have to have a Termite Controller licence to get an appropriate Termiticide.

Needless to say I was chuffed to find your web-site after I discovered termites in the garden shed (15 feet from the house). Upon reading the info on your web-site it was all familiar to me, and seeing your system is in line with my own experience and research.

I considered it worth the money to try out the system. I will let you know how it went when I discover that the Termites have ceased activity, and I now have a supply of Termitraps to locate them in the future, and Termiticide to knock them off.

Regards Mike Day

Hi Ion,

Thanks for the advice.

The baits worked brilliantly.

My mother had twice called in the poison termite experts.
However, the white ants came back within weeks and more damage occurred.

I’ll be honest I had considerable doubts your system would work.
It seemed counter logic leaving the white ants to carry on eating undisturbed for weeks.

It took almost two months until no more bait was being taken, but there were no extra damage- white ants focussed on the bait. I re-filled the bait bags four times before they stopped.

I have now repaired the damage and checked out the rest of the roof – not one white ant in sight – a great relief for my mother.

If you would like a reference I’d be happy to write one,

Regards, Graham

Hi ion and team,

Just thought i would send a quick reply to this email to say yes please, keep me on your mailing list! Its been great to get regular updates and watch your business grow over the years.

About 7 or 8 ish years ago we had a big termite infestation in the pergola, they had done alot of damage to 2 posts and a few bearers, and were moving close to the roof of the house (all without us noticing!). Thats how we found you!
We bought a pack of plant pot type traps and some detection towers filled with cardboard to spread around the garden.
We taped the pots all over the posts, and within a nervous couple of months all the termites were gone.
I replaced all the damaged timbers and the termites never came back.

We are in a new house now out on a rural block, so you email is probably a timely reminder to start setting up some defences.
I’ll be in touch soon

Kind regards, Matt barrett


Hi Termite Trap

Just writing to update you on my situation. After the call from Ion Staunton I followed his advice and did not disturb the trap for a month and also put another trap close by. On checking the trap at the start of October with the weather having warmed up I noticed a substantial increase in activity and some of the bait appeared to have been taken. Subsequently I have been checking the trap weekly and now there has been no activity for the last month, so it would appear that the termite problem has been solved. The other trap placed nearby never attracted any termites so I assume it must have been a small nest.

Many thanks to Ion for taking the trouble to contact me to educate me and discuss the options available to successfully eradicate the termites. Termite Trap certainly has a great service and deserves all the accolades it gets. David Mcintosh

Just wanted to let you know that i used your colony killer termite bait a few years ago now with excellent results after nine weeks of baiting. We had a huge infestation and the house was literally falling apart around us. Ion was wonderful with his guidance and help. The termites built a huge nest around the bait in one of our bedrooms and I had to hold my husband back from trying to destroy it as he didn’t think the bait could be working.

Amazingly just as Ion predicted after about 9 or more weeks suddenly there were no more termites! We have had no problems since,. Many thanks to Ion ! so glad we were able to achieve great results without using highly toxic chemicals…Awesome!

Kind regards, Jess Cowley-Martin Caparra

Simple, Safe and unbelievably effective. By the time we found the termites in the house, they were entering from many different areas. The application we got off Termi Trap gave us the option to bait each area they were invading with the individual “Termite Tucker Bags”, by simply adding the water to each bag as described and nailing or placing the Termite Tucker Bags over where the termites were and leaving them alone, without the worry of poisoning pets or children, as the bonus of this product is that it is non poisonous.

Any scepticism we had that this non poisonous product could be more effective than the unhealthy standard poison procedures, especially if you want to let your children play in the dirt around the house, has left our thoughts, just as every single house destroying termite has gone. Unbelievable. Many Thanks.

And if that wasn’t enough positives for the product, there are equally as many positives about the people and process behind the products, who support disadvantaged employment for the packaging and sending of the products to your door. AAA rating Johanna Byma

Last year we placed around 30 traps at various points of our townhouse complex, including gardens.

We gave particular attention to the exterior wall of one townhouse that had experienced termite attack and had it treated by conventional means. We placed 4 traps on the surface of a garden bed that runs down its length as per instructions. A visiting building inspector said they’d never work.

No activity was seen anywhere for some time until a couple of months back when this particular line of traps showed the blocking of the top hole. On inspection there were termites present and active in three of the traps. We applied the poison as specified and on inspection last week the baits have been consumed to a large degree and there is no sign of termites. We assume the colony has been destroyed.

Clearly the system works and has demonstrably succeeded for the townhouse in question where the conventional previous treatment had not prevented a re-infestation.

This has to be the most cost-effective termite protection system around. Gary Edgar

What a great product! I’ve eliminated several termite nests from around my shed and house. The baits are simple to use and effective. I had termites right up in the ceiling of my kitchen and within a few weeks of the munching their way through 2 pots of bait, they disappeared and haven’t been back! Similar story in my shed. Thank you! Matt & Ingrid, NSW

Hi Ion, Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you with my story.

About June last year I bought your monitors and baits. I involved a grandson to help with monitoring etc He loved checking the traps every time he was over.
About 4 months later low and behold one of the monitors hole was closed over. I couldn’t believe it. I started to bait and after 6 tubs the little bastards decided they had had enough.
I’m still checking them every 3 weeks but no further action from them..

So I don’t know how to thank you enough but I have been spreading the gospel according to Ion with a few friends buying your products. I will continue with this venture. Thanks again.. Mick Quinn

After much research, we purchased the Termite Trap Colony Killing System, and we were impressed with the price, delivery and post-sales service and help from the Termite Trap guys.
We received our order rapidly with everything we needed to set up our termite surveillance system.
We had recently found and removed a termite infestation in our home and were keen to reduce the threat of other attacks. The system is easy to setup and monitor and we haven’t had any attacks on the monitoring stations yet.
We did find some internal signs of some termites just as we set up our system, and with some friendly, easy and comprehensive advice from Ion, we were able to bait the termites we had found, as well as inspect the area for other points of attack. We believe we have now successfully baited and killed this further attack with the bait included in the kit – with no evidence of any damage to the house. We now have much more piece of mind that we are proactively monitoring the perimeter of our house with the monitoring stations, and are confident of baiting any future infestations if and as they arise.

Cheers! Peter

I would like to express my delight at the success I have experienced with your product. There are a lot of termites in our area and I had had the house treated twice in 5 years to be on the safe side.

I came across information about your product and decided to give it a try. I installed termite traps around my property and confess to not inspecting them as often as I should. When I did, I discovered to my horror that quite a few were active.
The termites seemed to have a voracious appetite for the bait . In one instance I found their tracks in some discarded wood and pouched some of the growth inhibitor on top of it. It was eaten in a week!

I now can’t find a termite anywhere! They had been in my firewood and it was covered in their mud tracks but they have all disappeared. All the replenished traps are now inactive and have been for months. It is truly amazing. A short while ago I could have found them under nearly any piece of wood.

Congratulations on a great product! Kind regards and many thanks. Roger Fuller from NSW

Being on the land, I’ve had a bit of experience with termites and also with professional pest controllers who in the main have been decent, well trained blokes. But when it comes to the cost of treatment, your TermiteTrap system is so cost effective compared to professional pest controllers.

Your information pack and your website made it seem easy to do the whole thing myself. But the reason I’m writing this is, when I phoned, you both took the time to explain in simple language the non-toxicity of the treatment and how to check and treat some of the big old gum trees near the buildings.

I really appreciate the quality and the simplicity of the Traps and bait and feel very confident and understand why you say… “Paying more money doesn’t kill termites any deader than dead”

In appreciation, Doug and Pam Doug and Pam from QLD . . .

I’m a builder, and I’ve seen plenty of termite disasters. When I saw the DIY TermiteTraps advertised, I thought the simple concept made sense so we put them around our house but nothing happened for months and I wondered.

Then two traps showed the mud signal just as in the website photos. I added a couple of doses of the treatment and that was it! We threw a party, recharged the Traps and they are again hard at work, waiting to see if there are any more colonies game to forage in our yard. Dave and Ann Graham Columbus Drive Hollywell Qld

Your system is simplicity itself. Standard house kit arrived today. This is to replace the $1100 per year baiting system by a local pest bloke. Already value for money. Your system is simplicity itself. Robust, bottomless, plastic bait stations, with an inspection hole in the top. I can inspect the whole system in three minutes, therefore am likely to do it pretty frequently, not like the pest bloke who only increases his surveillance if he gets a ‘hit’. We live in a brick veneer, timber frame house, in a bushland area. The previous owners were foolish enough to leave timber slabs as retaining walls and steps. I am progressively removing those closest to the house. Will let you know how we get on. Mark Amey

We chose the Termite Trap method because it kills white ant ‘nests’ not pets,is clean easy to install and is the logical solution to this problem. Spraying is more expensive not selective what it targets and does not kill the nests. After sales service informing the client it is time to check the traps is great. Mike Buckler

This product was recommended to me by a retired pest controller, after looking at your website I placed an order. Received prompt delivery and so far follow up has been good. Greg Binding

Like most people,a lot of research went into diy before purchase; this was after paying heaps for a commercial treatment that only remained effective for a few years. With winter, heaps of rain,etc,i’ve had to be patient waiting for a result’but i’ve just checked today,and they’ve just started sealing around the edge of the hole! How good is that! The system works! Ronaldo

Unfortunately we killed (destroyed)all visable nests before we heard about this product. Therefore we can only minitor the traps, but there is no sign of activity at present but will continue to monitor now traps are installed. Bruno

After we discovered termites in an area between our house and a nearby wooden deck, we decided to try this treatment process. I did not like the idea of having the place sprayed with chemicals and was looking for a way to treat the problem with less poison spread around my piece of earth. The critters found the trap installed where we found them, almost at once. They have eaten three baits so far, but have not moved into any of the other 5 traps. A good sign? Time will tell I guess, but so far I am very happy with the process. I would certainly recommend this easy to use treatment. Jeffrey Mckenzie

Yes! It does work.  I bought the small house termite kit in February 2011, and I was starting to wonder if the system worked. Within two days the termites had covered the tell-tale hole. I mixed and placed the poison as instructed, waited a week and they had eaten pretty much all the bait, so I just hit them with another dose. Hopefully that should be enough to do the job, but I will keep checking. I have provided the company with some pictures of my termite attack. As long as they die back in the nest I will be very happy. Lynn Oaten

Easy, economical & effective. Being an analyst by trade, I did my homework & researched the issue of termite infestation. This package is exactly what is needed & on-par with professional services. Except, you can do the simple tasks, yourself. I have an infestation on my post & rail fence. The termites found the traps within 2 weeks. I baited both, but found they left one & concentrated on the other. It is the 3rd week of baiting & the trap is half way through the 2nd bait. It is still too early to verify the effectiveness of the bait as an eradication. Though, I do know they have gorged on the bait & will post an update, later. Also, I understand the need for the length of the trap as it provides enough time between termite infestation & monitoring. Paul S

I have been converted. I have had termites in house,used poison.I had seen traps on the computer,so now installed them around house to give early warning when they ar around.Best thing i could have done. cheers. Tony Reynolds

Eat to your hearts content. I purchased a 1972 build wood framed house 18 mths ago, it under went pre-sale white ant inspection,a building inspection by qualified inspector & a 12 month after sale inspection (same company as used previously). Imagine my horror to be told on the 12 month inspection that there were white ants in my vanity & also the wall that seperated the bathroom from the toilet. Oh but wait theres more for $2900 they can put in bait stations & for $700 per month they will pop around to check them. When I pulled the tiles & plaster board off the wall & removed the vanity, I found them in a roof bearer, the dividing wall was all by eaten, damage to an external wall of the laundry. Not one who likes to be taken for a ride I searched the net, found a few sites & settled on Termite Traps. Easy to use, easy to check, easy on the pocket & instant stress relief. My bathroom/laundry is now being re-built at an additional cost of $30,000 but my traps are in place & I feel quite confident that while there is no action yet, there will be. Deb

Really they are existing in our backyard. It gives me a surprise that I found one of the termite traps are being visited by the termites after six weeks installation. It really exists in my land! A couple of days ago, I have placed a bait inside the trap according to the instrucion and will check it this Saturday to see the effect. Anyway thanks this type of easy DIY system to monitor the termites without spending much money for the inspection. Roc

I purchased traps for a garden near my house that had active termites in the mulch whenever It was disturbed. The Traps were easy to install and checking for activity is simple with the clear cover. However after 4 months the termites are yet to find a trap. What puzzles me is that I can gently disturb the mulch only a few inches from the trap and they are there in numbers but for some reason are avoiding the trap. Too much food from the mulch maybe. I have been assured the traps work so will just keep waiting I guess. Michael Isenbert

Waiting to Trap. After having a couple of experiences with termites, I fortunately came across Termite Trap DIY, I have set the traps and await capture. At the moment nothing, it is cold so they are a bit slower, no news is good news. The system was very easy to install and understand. Reading other reviews it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have an early warning device when or if they come back for desert. Michael Kelly

We knew we had termites but didn’t want to surround our house with chemicals ‘ so gave termite traps a go. The termites found the trap ‘ helped themselves to the growth inhibitor bait for 2 months and we managed to kill a massive nest that may have gone undetected if we randomly put poison in the ground. I was very skeptical until we saw results. I’ve now recommended this system to family and friends. Dr. T Ladyman

For a start I have only given this product 3 stars because I don’t yet know if it will work. We have never had termites but were paying fairly large sums for annual inspections. I went looking for an alternative (more economical) solution and found these Termite Traps on the internet and decided to give them a go. Delivery was prompt (as promised), installation was easy, regular inspection is a ‘breeze’, and the email reminders to check the traps and the house perimeter is a great system. No termites have found the traps so I can only assume there are none present as has been the case up until now anyway. I keep the poison bait tubs dry and ready to go should the need arise. Thanks for the great service Lynn

I saw this article in one of our Courier Mail papers. I believe it is a cheaper option of treating termites, and you get to see if it works. I have active termites in my fence. If they take the bait, they should disappear and you can see the results. It is safe to use, so I am going to give it a go and order a kit. Spoke with my Brother, and he is going to do the same. Kevin

Bought the pack of termite traps, I may add more later on, I have placed them in areas I suspect termites might be active and now I wait. I inspect regularly but the reminder is great. Keep up the great work. The only negative I can see so far is price, I would buy more if they were cheaper and as for the bait, I have no need as yet as nothing happening so far. unknown

We saw the ad for Termite Traps in one of the local papers and thought we’d give them a go. We’ve placed monitors around our property ‘ the termites have found one of them and they have already taken 2 tubs of bait ‘ presumably to their nest. Ion and Caroline have been great to deal with. Thanks! Simon Strachan

As an Architect I am very aware of the risk that termites pose and thought that we had our own house properly protected. To my horror five years back I discovered that there were termites in the house. We were lucky because we discovered them before they did any structural damage. The treatment then was arsenic baiting and extensive toxic chemical spraying that I was assured would keep them at bay for ten years or more. Therefore when I recently discovered termites in timber in our back yard I was a little disappointed.

I hadn’t been particularly comfortable with the previous treatment method and therefore this time I went looking for a more ecologically sound way of dealing with the termites. After searching extensively on the net I came across Termite Trap and liked what I read and decided to give it a go. I am very pleased with the result. Within weeks of setting traps they arrived in one trap. I then baited the trap (a very simple and safe process) and left it for two weeks before checking to see if the termites were still active in the trap. They were, so I added more bait and left it for another two weeks before checking it again. This time there was no activity in the trap so the objective of killing the nest has been achieved. I now check the traps once a quarter and so far there are no signs of any termite returns.

The lesson from our experiences with termites is that you need to be constantly vigilant. The risk with annual inspections is that by the time you discover the termites they will have done substantial damage that will be expensive to fix. Common sense tells you that constant monitoring has to be far more effective than once a year inspections and the Termite Trap system provides a cost effective way of having this through a system you are in control of.

My experience with the Termite Trap system is that it works and on that basis I have recommended it to others.

Mike Moore. Architect
Edgewater Western Australia Mike Moore from WA . . .

Hi Ion,

This is just a short note from a satisfied customer.

About three years ago I purchased a set of your traps and bait. I set the traps and had one hit.

Later I discovered termites in the back of my house at Wisemans Ferry NSW, so I applies the bait. The termites kept appearing and I kept adding bait as you directed. It took time and I was worried. The termites were quite selective only getting into cheap pine mostly. Then suddenly they dissapeared. I have replaced the damaged timber and find no trace of termites.

So a big thankyou for your system, it has been a real lifesaver. Robert Dunlop from NSW . . .

Please keep me anonymous as I don’t want any buyers to find out termites have been into my house but you were so helpful at the crisis time when i found the termites in the bathroom window frame, I’d like to help you back with this note.

I did just as you told me and stuck the bait on the frame so the termites came out of the wood into it and I fed them every couple of weeks for about 7 weeks until there were no more left.

Also as you suggested, I tapped around and found hollow skirting boards in 2 places in the bedroom next to the bathroom and I put bait there too.

They stopped feeding in the bedroom at the same time as the bathroom and I just want to say thanks again for inventing such a simple product to use — that cost me less than 10% of what I was quoted by the local pest bloke. Len from NSW . . .

Our termites must have read your advertising because they did exactly as you said. We put the TermiteTraps in the garden where we found them burrowing through the bark mulch and eating the old sleepers along the path edge.

It took about 5 weeks for them to block up the hole in the top. What a simple idea to have that hole so i could look at it as I walked past.

Thinking back, I can’t believe I was so excited to find termites!

Anyway, I fed them in that first Trap straight away and a few days later another Trap showed the signal so I started that one too. About 6 weeks later they had all stopped feeding.

It’s now 6 months ago, and there are no termites anywhere in the mulch and as the termites are no longer eating the sleepers, I won’t have to replace them.

Thank you Ion. Nice to know some products do what they claim.

Adrian, Capalaba, QLD Adrian from QLD . . .

I’ve become a successful Termite Trapper! The termites followed the script: found the Traps, ate the bait, disappeared (died I bet) and I’ve reset the Traps.

Waiting to do it all again — if theres another colony game to take me on!

Thanks for your products and your How-To Guide.

Abigail, Bendigo VIC Abigail from VIC . . .

I paid my money, received both products and hoped for the best.

I’d really disturbed the termites by ripping out all the damaged timbers before I phoned you but I did as you said and put Traps around the area and hoped the nest would find them. It took 7 months and I’d given up.

But in November they gave me their what you called their “we’ve arrived ” signal and I’ve been baiting them for 5 weeks now.

Good on you… and thanks

Maurie, Adelaide SA Maurie from SA . . .

I have a house built of jarrah and didn’t think termites would eat such hard wood but the previous owners had added a walk-in wardrobe using pine which I didn’t know about.

Well the termites found the pine and I found the termites when the hanging rail and all the clothes ended up on the floor! When I phoned, you told me what to do using your bait. I was a bit reluctant because I wanted them gone, NOW!

However I did as you said and the termites have finally gone.

Now I’ve put the Traps around the house in case there is another nest out there somewhere and I am going to follow your tips on inspecting the whole house every 6 months… just in case.

Meg, Balingup WA Meg from WA . .

Thank you for inventing a product so simple and so low in cost which also works. Also, thank you for the clear and illustrated explanations
Derek, ACT Derek from the ACT . . .