Found termites / white ants?

(They’re not all bad guys… only about 5 out of 300 species are serious.).

$6.95 only for postage & handling

Get a free identification by mail
BEFORE you waste money unnecessarily.

Know what termite you’re dealing with along with the right treatment plan (or not) for the one you’ve found.

This Kit comes with a set of cards to help you ID the termite, details of its feeding and nesting habits and what to do about it

The included dual-strength magnifier with built-in light is wonderful for other uses as well.

Personalized Impartial Advice


Ion is an Aussie entomologist (a specialist in insects) former TAFE teacher and textbook author.

Ion ‘wrote the book’ on termite control in Australia (He actually wrote 3 and they’re the books used to train Australian pest professionals)

Get your termite / white ant ID kit and Ion will personally help you identify the insect you’ve found, and give you safe, effective treatment options.

$6.95 only for postage and handling

Ion Staunton. Entomologist & Textbook Author

How it works

  1. Place your order here. The kit is free, we only ask you to pay $6.95 postage and handling.
  2. There are full step-by-step instructions in the pack detailing how to select some insects for identification. There is a magnifying glass and identification cards may help you initially make an ID yourself.
  3. There is a pre-paid Business Reply Post envelope ready for you to post your sample to us.
  4. We’ll be in touch once we receive your sample. We’ll let you know if what you’ve found is a genuine threat to your home, and treatment options, or if its just a nuisance – something you need not be worried about

$6.95 for postage and handling only


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