DIY Termite Control

Termites are a low life form stuck deep in a million-years-old rut of basic instincts.

This makes them predictable. In the prehistoric forest they became good at finding and re-cycling fallen trees; today, much of their forest has been replaced by houses containing some timber (which they still manage to find, often irrespective of chemical and physical barriers). If they can find a way in, they begin the re-cycling as of old.

They have found access into structures in ways we never thought possible and they’ve given a whole new meaning to the term “keyhole surgery” by removing the strength (and $value) of a building through a tiny hole. Termites have achieved an almost invincible, mythical reputation.

However, if you have (or can develop) a do-it-yourself attitude by the time you’ve finished reading all this, you’ll be much smarter than termites and…

  • be able to entice them into monitors set around your buildings so you can kill them before they find a way inside,
  • be able to feed them if they have already found a way in so that the bait is taken back to kill off the nest wherever it is and,
  • be able to regularly inspect your timber structures maybe as well and probably better than many professionals.

There are other DIY factors to consider: money, time and ability. Your home is worth a lot of dollars so if you have plenty of money, you probably will go to a professional.
Otherwise you may make the time to learn the skills to do some relatively simple tasks.

Let’s begin by putting termites in perspective…

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