Kill Termites & White Ants 

Without Poisons.

This bloke was the first in the world to invent a DIY termite control system for homeowners.

$260 inc GST

  • Worker termites take the bait back to the nest, killing the nest, removing the threat.
  • Versatile design allows you to place the Tuckerbags directly to where you find termite activity
  • Created by an Aussie entomologist and former pest technician for Australian species and conditions.
  • 100% Australian Made & Owned
  • Proven by thousands of Aussie homeowners.
  • Includes a handy 16 pg How-To-Guide and full Instructions

A Proven way kill termites where you find them, and protect your home.

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Ion Staunton is one of the most respected professionals in the Australian Pest Control industry with over 50 years experience as a pest controller, entomologist, and teacher of pest technicians at TAFE.

You could say he 'wrote the book' on pest control in Australia. In fact he wrote four!

These books are still used as the standard texts by industry professionals.

He was the first person in the world to create a DIY termite control system for homeowners.

Created by an Aussie entomologist and trainer of our Pest Controllers.

About the Termite Tuckerbag Bait

These pre-filled ready to use bait packs can be affixed wherever you find termite activity.

They're designed to fit directly on top of a Termitrap, but they can also be adhered direct to sleepers, skirting boards, window frames and fences.

Application is simple. You peel back the label, add water and its ready!

The Tuckerbags have no use by date, so will last in a dry shed indefinately.

What others are saying

The system is simple, quick and easy to use and the bait pouches work very well; 

I have eradicated one pesky colony of termites so far!

Fiona Hayward

We purchased a house last year only to find it had been the home of a very large colony of termites for a very long time. Not the end of the world for us because we purchased the home for a very good price and half expected some problems. The house is about 80 years old and mostly hardwood in structure but all the recent renovations had been done in pine, including all the ceiling battons. We did all the wrong things and pulled the house apart before thinking about getting rid of the colony. We intercepted the main path of the little critters in several spots with the “Baits” and “Bingo” got a nibble on all baits. After 4 bags of treatment we had succesfully destroyed the nest. We have had confirmation of this because after the treatment we have had some major excavation and not a sign of them. All is quite now but we have surrounded the house with baits, we are ready (still have two pouches for just in case). The kit provided a very simple and effective solution for us.


I used this product on a nest under a window that had tracked up into the window frame. I managed to get a strike below the window on the ground and the critters strated mucching into the lunchpacks which I monitored by palpation and piggybacked a new pack when the one under got low. They went through 5 packs under the window and another 3 out in the garden from the same nest. Eventually the packs stopped going down an dhavent seen a termite since. I keep a god lookout in the garden and so far termite free. Keep the traps watered to atract them

Tim Coyle

I saw this article in one of our Courier Mail papers. I believe it is a cheaper option of treating termites, and you get to see if it works. I have active termites in my fence. If they take the bait, they should disappear and you can see the results. It is safe to use, so I am going to give it a go and order a kit. Spoke with my Brother, and he is going to do the same.


What Nigel reckons . . .

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There are alternatives.

Some are cheaper. Why choose this?


Since the original patented Termite Trap came on the market over 10,000 homeowners have successfully used the system to eradicate termites.

It Works


The active ingredient uses the biology of the termites to eradicate the colony. No need for harmful chemicals that linger in the environment.

It's deadly to termites, but won't harm you, your family, or pets


The creator is an Australian entomologist. The product has 

been developed based on over 50 years of experience in the field.

It's based on science


Unlike some of the alternatives, all our products are made in Australia from locally sourced materials. The plastics are UV tested and guaranteed to last 10 years.

It's made in Australia for Australian conditions.