Stories we love to hear!

The Termite Trap system now protects thousands of Aussie homes all ’round the country, and we always love to hear great reports from happy customers.

Just a couple of days ago, our customer service superstar Caroline phoned me to say that she’d helped a lady who was at her wit’s end with worry about the termites she had found and the two expensive quotes she had been given.

“We may not be curing cancer ” Caroline said,” but I sure get a good feeling when I’ve really helped someone”.

And indeed we *do* get a good feeling.

Here was some recent feedback from a customer:


The response from “Termite Trap” was immediate with supplies arriving two days after the on line order. Application was simple and easy. Advice was prompt and supportive.

Termites were discovered a week after they arrived, treated within a week and gone in about a month with minimal damage to the timbers. The whole exercise was efficient, economical, environmentally sound and highly recommended! $275 with “Termite Trap“, compared with almost $2000 and several months of studying the termites (Ten or so years ago with a commercial company) with extensive damage to timbers and subsequent agonising repairs.

Such a relief to have such an excellent experience with “Termite Trap”!!!

Thank You! John Smart


. . . and another


“I didn’t get “Joe’s Pest Control” because he’d just spray them and say they’re gone because he killed 10,000 of them. It’s the extra zeros I’m after!

Paul Backhouse of Gloucester NSW


If you have a success story, we’d love to hear it too!