Termite Trap Review

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We recently received this excellent review from builder of 30 years Tony Marshall of  True North Design Co.

Here’s what Tony said about using Termite Traps (our emphasis added):

“Kill the Queen.

I have been a building designer and builder for 30 years.

All manner of systems have come and gone but one truth always stands true with termites.

The only way to rid yourself of a nest is to kill the queen.

Barriers chemical and physical are always able to be breached by termites. With this system you will certainly find them if they are about. Termites really love Tassie Oak ( Mountain Ash ) I know this from first hand experience. They will bypass nearly every other timber if Tassie Oak is available.

Once they take the bait you then have the option of introducing the poisoned bait that in time will be taken back to the nest where it will eventually kill the workers and the queen. This spells the end for that particular nest. In the old days arsenic was the preferred poison but it is toxic in the extreme and could only be used by professionals.

I believe all timber buildings in termite prone areas would benefit from the use of this system, I have no doubt it will work as specified.

Tony Marshall.
True North Design Co


Thank you Tony.

If I wrote what you wrote, potential customers would think…’Yes, he’s making a point’

But when a builder of 30+ years writes in and says it, the believability factor skyrockets!   And I couldn’t have said it better anyway.





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