It was renewal time for the car insurance again recently.

Like you, I don’t jump out of bed and think, “You beauty. I get to pay the insurance today”

Each year the premiums are up, like all the other bills.

It’s easy to reminisce and say “ah, the good ‘ol days. When life was simpler, and premiums were cheaper.

I’m qualified in this area.

I was in my 40’s in the 1970’s when a newspaper was 12c and you could buy a house in Sydney for $26,000.

But some things don’t change. Paying insurance back then was still a pain.

Insurance is just one of those things that’s expensive and seemingly pointless, until the day something breaks. Until the day a loved one is injured. Until the day fate swings one at you from behind and the benefits of that insurance are the only thing on your mind.

A set of Termite Traps around your house is like an insurance policy.

Considering the value of what it’s protecting, the investment of $475 is pretty inexpensive.

– You can pay in installments if you wish.

– They will last 10 years.

– They’ve been proven by thousands of Aussie homeowners.

Purchase yours today:

Ion Staunton & the Termite Trap team.