Coptos in Adelaide wine cask

The Situation

Antonio of Adelaide said: found termites when he shifted a half wine barrel used as a plant pot beside his house. Naturally, the pot was regularly watered and the termites were very pleased. The photo he sent confirmed these were Coptos.

The Advice

I asked if there was any place he could add a pouch of bait to the staves, a place where the termites were feeding undisturbed and happy. No, he’d found them only because he’d been shifting it and this meant they were separated from the area of ground where they had come from to get into the cask.Termite Trap - Coptos in Adelaide Wine Cask - Large

I asked him to thoroughly check the inside timbers of the whole house following our How-to-Guide, particularly the rooms adjacent to where the cask had been. I also asked about any nearby trees/stumps that may be big enough to be hollow (so they could be drilled and dosed with insecticide). No termites discovered during the inspection and the only tree was in a neighbour’s property two doors away and he didn’t want to involve them.

I suggested that the Copto nest was out there somewhere and would be looking for new food. By setting TermiteTraps around his home with three or four placed close together in the area where the cask had been, there was a very high probability the colony scouts would discover at least one of them and the Trap is so designed that he would easily recognise when they had arrived and is was also easy to add bait without risking disturbance.

The Result

You’d think the termites had read the script. They mudded up the hole in two of the Traps right where the cask once was and baiting is in progress!

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