Our Chief Office Boy, my son Shannon, and his wife Edie are driving their Shitbox from Perth on 8th May travelling 5,150km to Sydney via Uluru on very little bitumen. They are team ‘Not My Fault’.

Their whole trip will be over 11,000kms (if the car makes it)

And this is their car…

2 pictures of a man with a pink shades and mohawk hair along with the Moomobile, the car used for the fund raising for Cancer Council of Australia.



To raise money for the Cancer Council of Australia to fund cancer research.

How many people in your family and circle of friends have battled cancer?
Yep, it’s that important!

About the Moomobile. 

Finishing this rally is going to be hard. But the rally co-ordinators don’t make starting it easy either.

Here’s the rub.

You can’t spend more than $1,000 on you car (excluding seat belts, tyres and registration).

Yes that’s $1,000 for buying it, repairing it and actually getting it go up hills (on its own) AND the stopping.

We found this 1999 Ford Falcon XH Van (only 90 made)… And a mattress in the back with only 365,000 kms on the clock. Asking price was $500 firm, after some tense negotiations the final price $450… What a steal.

The ‘To do list’ didn’t look too bad; excluding the rust.

Or doors not staying closed around corners, or bumps and potholes making for automatic opening windows… seemed sort of important to get onto.

Braking was a bit hairy, that was if you could find neutral to start the car and keep the revs high enough getting into D or R, caution boiling water ahead.

Fixing the ‘rear door seals’ became more important as the static hum from the one working 4″ speaker was the only defence against the dizziness and nausea created by the exhaust fumes filling the car.

The seats were a surprise, bought as grey, after pressure wash light blue.

Grand total spent $999 (including lots of paint to reinforce the rust)

Map of Australia with red and blue lines which is used as the map to raise fund for Cancer Council of Australia.The Rally

Just a short round trip of about 11,000kms

Blue line: Getting to the start
Red line: Perth to Sydney via Uluru
Green: Home run if the car makes it this far.

Or 141.30 hours of driving and around 19 fill ups, for a normal car. It will be interesting how many stops we’ll need to make… let’s see


We’d love your help.

Your tax-deductible donation of $25 will secure you 2 pairs of these oh-so-fashionable sunnies and you will have done your bit for continuing cancer research in Australia.

WWhat’snot to love?!

Get your pair here: THE SUNNIES